The collective

The Fotografie Berlin e.V. supports modern photographers in Berlin. As a place of artistic production and lively exchange, the voluntary collective has been supporting the preservation and development of new analogue photo technologies since it was founded in 1983 through regular meetings, picture reviews, joint presentation options and artistic projects, as well as excursions and lectures by guest speakers from the photo industry.

Our space offers members a fully equipped darkroom with two workstations and a studio with professional studio technology. The Fotografie Berlin e.V. collective today consists of a progressive, multicultural ensemble of photographers and pursues the support and promotion of creative and artistic design of photographic works free of any restrictions. Our task is connecting a lively network of independent, civil dedication in order to preserve analogue photo art in a multifaceted way.

The space


Our photo laboratory has two workstations (enlarger), with small to large format (4x5) possible. We also have a Jobo color development machine. Containers, developer cans, tubs, tongs, clamps, etc. are sufficiently available. Only chemistry and paper have to be organized yourself, which can be stowed in the personal storage compartment with locker. A drying press and tables are available in a second small darkroom room to process photos further.


Our club room is also a small portrait photo studio with a background system (black / white / blue / textured fabric) with a width of 2.72 m. A GODOX flash system with 4 flash heads is available after a briefing in addition to various light shapers such as normal reflectors, soft boxes & striplights, beauty dishes, octaboxes and various umbrellas.


In addition to the individual use of the rooms, we regularly organize club meetings to exchange ideas, plan or simply discuss new pictures. We organize group exhibitions here, e.g. for 48 hours in Neukölln or the Forum Berlin photo club. Since our photo club is in the backyard, we can sit outside in the green in the warm season of the year. Before Christmas, we always end the year with a small Christmas party.

The place