Anna Hermann

Anna Franziska Herrmann is a photographer from Leipzig who is based in Berlin since 4 years now. 5 years ago she started taking analog photos. In the meanwhile more than 160 rolls of exposed films, she dealt with many different cameras, film rolls, feelings and perspectives. She got to know and love the complexity and different development processes of analogue photography. For two years she has also been trying out a variety of digital shootings in which she focuses on people, there bodies, faces. The closeness, the look, the feeling, the authenticity... without much editing, simple and deep. She has always felt the need to trigger something with photography, both in the context of personal memories, for a nostalgic feeling, to capture a seemingly intangible moment, as well as for the outsider who looks at her pictures. Photography is feeling, is depth, is a split second. She has been trying to express all of this for years of practice and constant change.