Sina Mühlbauer

Sina’s work is driven by a deep desire to see, feel and understand the social dynamics of urban realities. Through her lens, the German artist with Colombian roots is a perceptive and gentle observer – unveiling depth and meaning in human interaction.
It’s not just individual moments in time, that spark her interest but the people, each on their own journey, and in reflection: allow the viewer's story to shape the gaps, to open up a realm of interpretation in volatile proximity.

With a “strong feeling of people, and how to capture energy and life on the street [she is] creating work that goes beyond the ordinary, […] trying to suspend the moment into something else.”* Her images “address very different subject matter yet they share a similar delicate quality […]. It's hard to describe but [her] images feel like they are so much about the atmosphere and feeling of the moment unfolding; as if [she is] not only communicating what [she] saw, but also how those moments made [her] feel.”* *LensCulture Reviews 2020, 35mm B/W

Sina studied Communications & Film (M.A.), Psychology and Cultural Philosophy at Leipzig University. She has a strong background in journalism that took her from Leipzig to Spain and New York City’s United Nations. Sina is currently based in Berlin.